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Friday, April 15, 2011

MOTIVATION: Tyrese "How To Get Out of Your Own Way

I've had the pleasure of working with Tyrese Gibson on a couple of small comic book related projects, talking with him, and of course following his tweets. His mood, energy, and focus are INFECTIOUS! In fact, with just a few encouraging and raw words, he helped me get my determination back at one of the worst times of my life when my wife and I were losing what we thought was our dream home, had a baby on the way, and didn't know what to do. He helped me see things from an objective standpoint. We decided to take a totally different direction and move across country. Life has been back on the upswing ever since! I mean, I'm a really driven, positive, focused guy, but that was a BAD time and even I lost focus. He was a big reason why I was able to stand up and fight back with his words and how he leads by example. Encouraging us to EXECUTE on the ideas we have in life is a huge inspiration. And to clear your life of the things and people in it that distract you from where you're going. Great advice!

In his new book, he helps you find ways to do just what the title says, get out of your own way and find the next level of YOU! Check out the interview and the link at the bottom to purchase the book! I can testify that he will touch your life. He's an unstoppable force and he'll help you be one, too!


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