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Sunday, December 16, 2012

[VIDEO] PORTAL: No Escape - Live-Action Short Film Inspired by the Video Game!

Super awesome! Thanks to artist Ben Bishop for the link!

[VIDEO] Drew Struzan on Tracing for Photo-Realism

Why do I appreciate him being up front about it?

Because there are a lot of artists doing it who aren't and people think they're magicians because of how perfect it looks and are buying their work without knowing. I've seen some art collectors who when they find out it is traced they're let down. Some don't care. I personally like things drawn from scratch and like creating my art that way, but see how if you've been doing it for years, you're up front about it, and have nothing to prove about your drawing abilities, then sure. Go for it. Rendering/coloring is fun and relaxing. And if what you're going for is perfect photorealism it doesn't really matter if you're shifting your eyes back and forth from the reference, carefully getting the lines in the perfect place or just tracing it. One takes longer, but still the result is the same, a drawing of a photo.

I really enjoy Struzan's work and style. He's of course, created some of the most iconic images in entertainment history and inspired me a ton while I was growing up. He breathes a lot of life into his tracings and rendering photorealistic is still very difficult and takes a lot of talent, PLUS his compositions, style, and color choices are awesome and really what draws the eye anyway. And I'm fairly certain he could draw photorealistic from scratch, but does it to save time. It's all beautiful to look at, and like he said, that's really what matters: the final product. I just hope that we don't get so separated from creating art from scratch and photoshop filters get so good that people stop trying to create it and go that route.

Anyway, check out some awesome Drew Struzan art!! Click to buy it! I really want that The Art of Drew Struzan Book!

This might be a self portrait or it might be fan art in his style. Anyone know? Well done!

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