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Monday, April 4, 2011

Goodbye to our dog, Indiana Jones!

Unbelievably we're HAPPY rather than devastated today. Santa brought Indy to us 5 years ago when Renae, Tycen, and I first became a family. Back then things were crazy, but a bit less difficult day-to-day. Didn't need as much money, so we didn't have to work as much. Had a self-sufficient nearly 4-year old, a smaller house, a fenced in yard, and no baby to absorb all of our attention.

Since then, anyone following us knows we've had a CRAZY few years. From having money stolen from our bank repeatedly, to moving into a dream home, getting married, losing our dream home, moving again from Kansas to Maine, our careers as comic book artists getting super busy, having a baby, said baby being a crazy handful!
Poor puppy started being "the thing in the corner."
The phrase "Indy, go to your bed" was more common than "Hi, puppy!" and a little head scratch. We were just so busy with the baby and our careers and our older son having trouble adjusting to the new town and school, that we didn't even realize this had happened. Once we did, we started feeling horrible. He wasn't getting proper walks or attention. We missed him even though he was right in the room with us.

So, my wife Renae put an ad out on Pet Finder. I was all disgruntled (and pretty selfish now that I see the outcome) and didn't want to "get rid of my dog!" But, I said if the perfect family came along, and oddly enough the PERFECT family came along!! A million times better than we could have ever hoped for. A well-off, retired couple who recently lost their dog to cancer (a similar breed to Indy) and were looking for a new friend to pamper with love and lots of time with. Something that we just wouldn't be able to give for probably years! They're so sweet and loving and both Indy and the family instantly took to each other. It was a beautiful thing to see and we immediately felt great about it! I completely expected to be devastated and feel horrible about this forever, but I now believe we did the right thing by the puppy and it helps us focus on the kids and work and getting ahead.

Of course we'll miss our puppy but it feels more like he's gone off to college or something. He's still our puppy, he's just gone on to a MUCH better life with a ton of love! And they're only over in Vermont, which is only a few hours from us.
So, it's more like "See ya later, puppy!"
Rather than "goodbye." And knowing that right now he's having a wonderful day just brings a smile to our face instead of a tear to our eyes.

I can't believe it went from such a negative idea to such a positive one. Just goes to show me once again that no matter how much the idea looks bad to start with MY WIFE IS ALWAYS RIGHT! :o)

If you too have a crazy busy life and pets that you love but they aren't being taken care of quite as well as you wish they were, please consider PetFinder.com. It probably sounds scary or sad to you right now, but imagine your loved one being in the absolute best life possible and having so much love and care!

Thanks for reading! Love you, Indy, you big dork!!!

Photo: Alien Dog Gets Easter Sucker!

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** UPDATE ** Indy has been at his new home for just a couple of days and has already been on road trips, walks, and met neighborhood dog friends! He's eating well, sleeping well, and being loved. YAY! Thank you, George and Roslyn Cook! :o)


  1. I think that you made the absolute best decision, Ray! Completely selfless, and Indy will have the life you wanted him to. Good for you!

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