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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hey, you! GET ART JOBS in Comics, Gaming, Movies, & more! Top 3 Places!

I've been working full-time as an artist in comics, film, gaming, trading cards, tv, and various other places for 12 years and basically ALL of my jobs (or in some cases the connections that lead to jobs) came from these sites:



Digital Webbing Jobs Forum:
Less frequent, but some real gems!
Great people! Met my wife there! ;)
DeviantArt Jobs Forum!
Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! All day long, every day! By the minute!
Some not great, but a fair amount of really good ones!
The shear quantity, though, is really why you want to be on there!
*Right now, ConceptArt.org is a little wonky. The scrolling job opps are displaying correctly, but clicking them doesn't take you to the right place. However, if you follow THIS LINK you'll go to the directory and they're easy to find from there.
ConceptArt.org Jobs Forum
a.k.a. Art Jobs for The Art Mobs!
Incredible opportunities. From the biggest film and gaming companies,
to just really solid comics or other jobs that pay really well for the right artists!
Very competitive, but you'll never get them if you don't try!
Also allows YOU to post an ad requesting work and linking to your portfolio!

Other places to try out: CG Hub & GameArtist.net
(I've got less experience here, but they look good.

You can always do a specified Google search.
For instance "Comic Artist Needed" and check the timeframe of "Past Week".
Here that is!

So, be creative and hungrier than everyone else and...
You won't work at a "REAL" job ever again!
I was born with NOTHING going for me and I still made it happen!
No college education, money, resources, connections. Nothing!
I did it by reading the following books and go to the sites listed.
Good income for over 12 years! You can do it too!

Get Books & DVDs on the craft & business of art!
Click that image to open the store in a new window.
But you can also check it out in this frame:

Some great resources I recommend to help you reach your potential:

And check out my blog post

Seriously puts things in perspective! Your odds are better than you realize! Clearly tougher to pull off with JUST comics income, but it has been done! And there are plenty of other ways to expand your income potential. I'll add more on that later!

But here's one great way to make a bit of extra cash:

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  1. Hey Ray, thanks for the info. I have been trying to het back into freelance art since my injuries to my neck, back and drawing arm and these help.

  2. My pleasure, Jason. Hope it helps! And if you have any questions or anything, feel free to ask away.

    Good luck! Wait, no CREATE your luck! ;)


  3. Ray, very good advice you gave. I am a professional illustrator & graphic designer myself over here in Stockholm, SWEDEN. One of the big things as always, like you mention: "apply for jobs".
    Rememebr sharing a studio with 4 others downtown. One at the time very "proud" saying she didnt have to go to show portofolio and look for clients and meetings like I did. Two years later recession hit, and she lost almost all her clients. Terrified eyes saying "I dont know how to look for clients. I am afraid to meet people I dont know. I dont like it, cant do it... hate to go to meeting. Wont do it!!!".
    She is still very good at what she does. I dont share that studio space anymore. Hopefully she is making loads of jobs and money, but who knows. One never knows whats around the corner.

    1. Thanks, Stefan! Hope it helps. And yeah, a lot of people are worried that they aren't good enough, or too self-conscious or shy to approach something bigger, but if you just go for it, good things happen!!

      One of my favorite quotes: "Sometimes you have to go out on a limb because that's where the fruit is."





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