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Monday, February 21, 2011

Statues! I live by statues!

I LOVE statues. So inspiring. And I grew up in a place with one abstract statue of ... something. There are statues everywhere here. LOVE it!

Couldn't get anyone to look into the camera on this one. Except for myself.
Lots of really unique architecture around here, too. I'm sure I'll have blogs about that, but this one I happened to catch on the same day. Not the best photo, but you can see that this building has painted architecture to it. False perspective that makes it look like columns and an eave. It's pretty convincing when you're walking by it the first time. It lines up with the perspective around you. Just thought that was neat.

Not statues, but two of the handsomest landmarks in all the land. Me and my boy, Drake! :o)


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Drive-up Lighthouse!

For a boy from Kansas, driving down the street and right up to a famous light house next to the Atlantic Ocean is a pretty big deal. The fact that I just took these pictures is mind-blowing!


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