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Sunday, June 26, 2011

COMICS: Rob Liefeld's Captain America revised ... and not as COOL!

Okay, I didn't do this to make fun of Rob Liefeld or claim to be better than him like a lot of people. I love his art and this piece in particular looks awesome to me. Powerful and massive. Plus, look what's he's accomplished. Don't be dorks. He's a comics icon. And a really nice guy. Any one that hates the guy or wishes him ill is a dorkface. :P

With that said, I see what went wrong here. He made the chest look like it was facing towards us, but his right shoulder & side is facing away from us. BUT I really don't care. It's just a little off, but I get what he was after. I've always wanted to draw over it to see what it would look like if I fixed the things I saw as wrong and I was really surprised by not really liking the result! I've done a couple of quick revised versions to illustrate the point that when you "fix" this drawing, it doesn't have that Liefeld power-magic-awesomeness to it. Looks more stiff and less .... awesome. Not millionaire superstar art. Liefeld is awesome! There's just something about it! Right or wrong. You can't contain the Liefeld Power! You gotta let it run free!

You can see with these quick revisions that they look more accurate one way or the other, but not as COOL!


And clearly he was inspired by this picture of Arnold Schwartzenegger, but removed the arm and didn't quite adjust the chest to match the arm being behind him. BIG DEAL!

PLUS, this was a long time ago now. And the website with his really, really old stuff. C'mon... He was like 20 years old! Of course he's growing as an artist over the years and will continue to do so.

So, stop bein' haterz!

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  1. youre flipping crazy! i like it

  2. I always thought it was odd, but I do like the craziness of it. Yeah he was channeling Arnie, he should have made Cap's head a bit bigger LOL




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