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Friday, June 17, 2011

Explain Your Current Situation to Your 5-Years-Ago Self...

Inspired by this tumblr post--> Frank Ocean via Kevin Mellon's twitter.

Awesome question, Me! To do this, I actually went back to my blog from summer of 2006! (Click to read!) It was titled "On Another Journey" which is hilarious considering where I am 5 years later!! Anyway, here's me talking to my former self:

Hey, me!

We're awesome. Here's why: Not only are you going to finally get off of Broadway Boulevard in Salina, Kansas, but you're going to be living in Maine. Yep. The place you always imagined living in the back of your mind. You live there now. Giant trees all around you. A couple of blocks from the ocean (that's right, dummy, Maine has an ocean, too). And you've even been to Stephen King's house.

If THAT doesn't blow your mind, check THIS out:

That beautiful girl who just moved in with you, yeah, she's your WIFE now! Yes, you lucky jerk! You pulled that off! AND you have not one but TWO SONS! Tycen who came with Renae, of course, and you also have a 1 year old baby boy named Drake Asher Dillon (D.A.D. just like your dad's initials! Cool, huh?) who was born in Maine (not Kansas!). You and Renae are working together for IDW Publishing on an Anne Rice book! (What??) and have another book The Last Unicorn (you'll learn what that is, boy-o!) on the New York Times Best-Seller list! (DOUBLE WHAT???) and I can't tell you publicly, but the projects lined up next are RIDICULOUS!!! You've also worked for Marvel, DC, Archie, and just about everyone else.

Yes, I know your brain is complete mush right now, but that is your life. Congratulations!! It's a really super bumpy road getting here, so don't mess it up... like by causing a rift in time now that I've told you all this. You make a lot of mistakes along the way, too, so keep that stress under control! Things are going to be awesome even when you lose the house on Cloud Street (long story). Just focus on keeping the wife and kid(s) happy, safe, and loved! And I'll try to keep things going awesome on this end of time.

Oh, and I know you're a super fit nutrition nut right now, probably have like 10% bodyfat, so hear this well: DON'T EAT SO MUCH!!! You've already started off your nutritional plan. For some reason, after Renae got you to eat junk food again again (thanks honey!) you started eating like a crazed happy pig! Well guess what buddy, extreme good stress + extreme bad stress + not exercising or sleeping + eating way too much = you're fat again!!! Good going, dummy. So, fix that for me so I don't have to try so hard to get rid of it again. Fix the fat, keep your stress levels down, and love your family, the rest takes care of itself!

Oh, and try harder to make like a Million Dollars! Edit and publish one of the novels you just finished or illustrate them as a graphic novels or something! You feel like you have no time where you are, but you have NO idea how little time you'll have in the future. So get on it right now, mister!!

See you in 5 years!

~Future Ray
You/Me 2006-ish

You/Me 2011-ish
Then you bleached your hair blonde! WHAT??
But here's the stuff that's most important of all:
Forgot to mention you were married at Comic-Con!
THIS is your WIFE, dude!!

Look how big the Gremlin got:
Don't want to give away too much yet.
See his beautiful face when the time comes. :D
And THIS is where you live now. WHAT?
Yeah, a little nicer than your house right now, isn't it 5-years ago Ray!

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  1. You are a seriously cool person, you know?

  2. Well... GOSH! Thank you very much. That's a nice thing to say. You're a seriously NICE person! :D

    Seriously, thanks for taking the time to read and reply.

  3. Well played sir- you shall trounce the game of life yet.

  4. HA! Thanks, Len! Darn right I will! Just try and stop me, Universe!! (well, don't really, but you get my point!) :D

  5. Awesome Ray...you really know how to get people thinking....my brain wont stop! Wish you lived closer so we could hangout lol but I am glad life is going so well for you and your added positive look on everything!

  6. Man, that's WONDERFUL! Glad it got you thinking. That's what I'm talking about. Making decisions now can completely change your life within 5 years!! Less even! It's crazy! A lot of the time people sit back worried that if they try a new path it won't work or it would take forever to become anything, but forget that!! Just GO FOR IT!! It'll happen sooner than you think!

    I wish we lived closer, too! But, hey, you can still come out here! HEH?!!? :o)

    Now I'd like to see YOUR story! And I look forward to an update in 5 years, too! :D




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