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Friday, June 22, 2012

Star Wars + LEGO + MC. Escher by a 16 Year Old!!

Well, now this is super awesome! And by a 16 year old! That's amazing. My older son wants to be a Lego developer when he grows up so this was super cool to show him.

Reblogged from Games.Yahoo.com

(Credit: Paul Vermeesch)
By Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo! Buzzlog

Vermeesch crafted a one-foot-by-one-foot block modeled after M.C. Escher's "Relativity." But Vermeesch gave his an awesome "Star Wars" theme. It's amazing. It's crazy. Forgive us, we're babbling. Behold "Star Wars Relativity V2!"
People can get pretty wild with LEGOs, but this creation from 16-year-old Paul Vermeesch is something else entirely. It's brilliant. It's amazing. It's the kind of thing nerds drool over.

"This particular model took just over six months to get from brain to bricks," Vermeesh said. "Normally, a model of this size wouldn't take quite that long to construct, but in this case, a significant amount of planning was required before I could jump into the build process." He estimates that he used somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 bricks.

When asked why he chose to mimic Escher, Vermeesh responded, "Escher's work is known for its depictions of architectural impossibilities, but "Relativity" is one of the few that can, despite its complexities, actually be built."

Though he's been building with LEGOs since he was three, this is Vermeesh's most popular creation yet. "It has been blogged on numerous sites. Because Escher is a relatively obscure artist in the grand scheme of things, I wasn't expecting the response that the model has garnered."

Vermeesh began by "replicating Escher's work on paper" so that he could "get a feel for the complex geometry." He continued: "I built a rough scale test in Lego's Digital Designer and first realized how many bricks would be required that I didn't have. By that point there was no turning back, and I began ordering the bricks I would need. It was also at this point that I decided I wanted the model to be lit from the inside. This complicated things a little bit, but the added effort most definitely paid off."

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