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Friday, March 25, 2011

Who Will Accept My Challenge? (I triple-DOG dare ya!)


Guidelines: (though, helping however you want is great!): Face-to-face (donations online are great, but we want personal connections). Someone you don't know (or don't like).

I see opportunity all the time for this and try to follow through as often as possible. I always feel bad when I see a driver on the side of the road in need of help and I have to keep driving (baby fussing in the back). Doesn't have to be monumental. Help with groceries. Even complimenting someone is great! Whatever is a positive influence to their day. Be creative!

There are thousands of potential readers right now. If even a 10th of those read and follow through this that could be hundreds of people!

Tell me your stories here!! Make a difference in someone's life today.


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  1. THIS ISN"T MINE OFFICIAL CONTRIBUTION, but it's a start. :o)

    This certainly isn't monumental, but this morning on the way to take my son to school there was someone stuck at a corner, evenly spaced traffic going on and on in front of them. I slowed down and let them pass.

    Yeah, not huge, but if you've had someone do that to you, it's a nice little feeling.

    Wasn't face-to-face so I won't count it just yet.

    Remember, even talking to someone, making that personal connection, and maybe finding a way to compliment them is a very powerful way! Give it a try!

  2. Ray, this is what i have taught my kids from day one; it doesn't take a mountain of money to make someone smile or make their day brighter, it's those little courtesies or pleasantries or good deeds we give/do for complete strangers, or co-workers, or friends, or family members. To human kind in general. Thanks for challenging us all to continue this! It DOES make a difference! I think that it's neat when I compliment one of the residents where i work on a pretty blouse, they wear if more often! What we say and do makes an impact, we might as well be nice! Thanks, Ray, for making a difference! Love you! (and we still want to meet your awesome family!)




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